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The Vibrant English Verb: Mastering Meaning and Usage

The Vibrant English Verb: Mastering and Usage, Dr. West's new text, is now available on Amazon.com.

Teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) and highly motivated students of the field will find The Vibrant English Verb a lively and helpful guide. In the book, the reader will find:


  •             *Colorful and insightful timeless of the 12 tenses of English in the indicative mood.
  •             *Sample dialogs for each tense demonstrating the "suprasential" force of verbs spanning a paragraph, an essay or even an 
  •               entire novel (their own "dance".
  •             *Thoughtful explanations of the meaning and usage of each tense that will guide an English Learner into deeper understanding of the 
  •               proper and best choice of tenses.
  •             *Insight into the real uses of the subjunctive mood in English.


Unsolicited Amazon Review:  "The Vibrant English Verb is an excellent text. It provides useful explanations, exercises and activities for the understanding and practice of verb usage. As a teacher, I believe the verb details will be creative for both educators and learners. Dr. West has incorporated great visuals and meaningful examples that explain and explore this challenging area. I'm a visual learner and especially appreciate the variety of diagrams and charts, along with the entertaining phrases. Dr. West's  excitement of linguistics is clear, and I am thankful for his wonderful thoughts and ideas."

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