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Dr. Steven West developed this site to help ESL teachers learn about the somewhat intimidating field of linguistics and how the application of some of its basic concepts can help them become much more effective in the classroom.  When teachers understand and can explain the complex structure of English, their students achieve better results.

His popular book, Linguistics for Educators:  A Practical Guide, was written in response to the needs of the more than 6,000 students he has taught over the past eighteen years in the ESL Certificate programs of the University of California Berkeley and Santa Cruz Extensions, including ESL teachers in Egypt and South Korea.  The principles found in this book are applicable for use with students of all ages.

Dave Sperling, Founder of Dave's ESL Cafe says:

"I highly recommend Dr. West's outstanding book, Linguistics for Educators.  It's practical, organized, easy to read, and it actually makes Linguistics a fun subject. This should be required reading for every ESL/EFL teacher. Definitely a worthy purchase!"

Linguistics for EducatorsA Practical Guide has demystified the complex field of linguistics to help educators solve language problems in the classroom.

In this book teachers discover how to objectify what they already know about English so that they can become more effective guides in helping students gain command of this amazing language.  They will acquire specific and relevant skills to assist their students in:

  • Making the distinctive sounds of English (Phonology)    
  • Word formation and acquiring leverage in building  vocabulary (Morphology)
  • Understanding meaning (Semantics)
  • The correct formation of sentences (Syntax)

Steven Landon West, Ph.D.



Dr. West with Dr. Heungsoo Sim, former Dean, School of Language Education & International Programs, Dr. Jeong-Suk Park, supervising professor, students and staff at Gyeongsang National University in Jinju, South Korea